Friday, 16 October 2020

Not Guilty ?

 Clandon Park has been it the news recently because of its links to the colonial past of one of it's former owners, who was Governor General of New Zealand in the 19th century .

There is a maori meeting house in the grounds of  this National Trust property , which we saw quite by chance  on a trip there .

Apparently, the meeting house was saved from destruction and given as a gift by a grateful nation. On the day we visited it was being  used by Maori  from North London for their  Hakari or traditional feast.

Seeing the meeting house gave me an idea for a painting as our middle son was working in Auckland at the time. You can see my painting 'Hinaki' (which means eel trap) on my website (THE TOURS page) where I used some of the  decorations to symbolise my feelings about the separation between us.

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