Wednesday, 15 August 2018

A Quizzical Look

I've just given a talk about one of my paintings to a local rotary club in exchange for a large glass of wine and a roast dinner.
I showed them 'The Rashomon Effect' partly because it is small and easy to carry but also the painting has a good background story.
It is about the same event but seen through the eyes of four different people. My grandmother is represented by her gold quizzer which I inherited and was able to take along to the meeting.
I could sense that before my talk, people were looking very warily  at the picture and obviously would have preferred a nice landscape. However, I think I won most of them over as many remarked how interesting it was.
You can see the picture on the CONTACT US page on my website and if you wanted to find out more, take the VIRTUAL TOUR.  

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Of Me, Not By Me

 Two pictures have been  made of me recently, which Daniel has just put onto the
 NEWS AND REVIEWS page on my website.
One is a photograph of me with some of my students from St Andrews College taken on the last day of term as I was about to finish, after teaching Art for 52 years.
The other, was a cubist painting of me by a very talented Chinese student which was used to advertise Ted Coney's Family Portraits in the Ely Festival booklet this year. Part of it appears in my keyhole logo.
You can see both if you scroll down to the REVIEWS AND ARTICLES section.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Cultural Mix

As I was showing my painting 'Against The Light' to a group of visitors the other week, I reflected on how many cultural references had influenced the work.
As is my habit when doing a tour, I usually also show this evidence alongside the picture. On this occasion we looked at the work of Daumier (the title of my painting is one of his phrases), Javanese shadow puppets and a 1950s comic. A mash-up of cultural references if every there was one.
You can see the painting on the MEDIA page on my website.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

In The Beginning

Thirty-four years ago  I opened our house to the public to show some of my family paintings during July.  A year later Open Studios was officially launched and I went on to exhibit with them.
I always enjoyed talking about  my work and this gave me the idea for
 Ted Coney's Family Portraits and the tours I subsequently started.
 Last week a chap came to interview me, as he is writing a book on the history of open studios in Cambridgeshire.
I told him how I tried to get the organisers of the Cambridge Festival to publicise our studios in their booklet, but they turned us down.
I got my sweet revenge when, at the end of the season a review of my work was placed within all the festival events in the local paper.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Football's Coming

Mindful that France had just won the World Cup two days before, I was slightly wary when my first group of french teenagers arrived for a tour carrying a football.
As I always do, I asked them to leave all their belongings in the garden, so as not to knock anything over in the house. I had, only that morning,  broken the glass on a small photograph of Barnaby, while setting up an display for their visit.
I must say, the students were very well behaved and listened intently to what I had to say. It's always a challenge moving seven rather tall young people around the cottage but they did it with good humour on an extremely hot day
Maybe the iced water I gave them on their arrival, helped.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

French For Advent

For the third year running, I've got three groups of French students taking a tour  at
 my pop-up gallery, next week.
I need to keep the explanation of the chosen paintings fairly simple as although they all speak English, some  are quite young.
I want to show  my painting 'Limners' which I hope they will find intriguing. As the inspiration for the painting is an advent calendar I have been trying to get hold of one before they come. As I discovered, July is not the best time to try and buy one though my daughter is also looking to see if she has an old calendar in the loft.
The fact that my painting has 37 pictures may add to the confusion.
You can see the work on page two of the PRINTS FOR SALE page on my website

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Worst Seat In The House

I  already had an indication from Chloe at the Old Fire Engine House Gallery that my painting
'Forget-Me -Nots' was proving difficult to hang.
'Had I anything a bit smaller or lighter?' She asked.
When I attended the Private View a few weeks ago I knew why.
Admittedly, they had over a hundred pictures to display, but mine was certainly in the worst place. It was down a back corridor which was narrow and too difficult to stand back from. It was the one place that had an old beam and my painting was hanging from a nail.
They were full of apologises but I didn't really mind. It was lovely to take part and the picture isn't for sale, anyway.
The exhibition is on for a few more days and then my painting will come back to Waterside. To get a better view of it, look at the bottom of the DISABLED VISITORS page on my website.