Thursday, 20 July 2017

Finding Happy Families

Last Thursday I did three tours of Ted Coney's Family Portraits for twenty three French students and their teachers. It was pretty exhausting as I had to keep it lively and interesting on what turned out to be, a very hot day.
I had already decided to show them a painting of mine from 1982 entitled 'Happy Families' which illustrated the state of play in our family at the time. I had used the card game by the same name  both for stylistic reasons (large heads, small bodies) but also  to show the image a game being played as the subject matter.
Although I had  a pack of the cards at the time, somehow in the move to Ely they got lost. I felt it was important to show them to the French students so they had a better understanding of what I was doing.
I got very blank stares from an assistant when I tried to purchase a new set in W.H. Smith's but I went into Cambridge and finally managed to find some.
I shall enjoy playing the game again when we next meet up with our grandchildren.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Growing The Business

Yesterday I attended a course entitled 'Grow your business through Innovation'. As it was free and only a couple of minutes from the house, I decided to go and see if it could be useful for developing Ted Coney's Family Portraits.
I wondered whether I might be to old for this kind of thing (all sharp suits and brief cases) but I needn't have worried - it proved to be interesting and everyone was very friendly.
We were put into groups and had to explain what innovations we might bring to our own business and then the team had to choose one, to work on.
My team chose my pop-up gallery - whether this was because it seemed the most interesting or everyone thought I was most in need of help, I'm not sure!
I've already had a helpful Email from a guy who was keen to show me how easy it would be to put pictures on my blog (watch this space) and some advice from another delegate who wants to help me restructure the business.
I came away in a whirl - but the bacon sandwiches saved me from having to make lunch.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Centre Stage

I polished the brass surround of the windscreen on my 1931 Morris Minor until it shone. It's always amazing  how this makes the whole car look clean.
This was in readiness for the next tour of Ted Coney's Family Portraits but also for it's appearance at a local festival a few days later.
On a tour of the house, after seeing  the Morris,  I also pointed out the painting 'Golden Jubilee Ride', where the car appears in all six pictures.
One of the visitors asked if he could photograph the Morris and ofcourse I agreed.
A couple of days later at Aquafest,  by allowing people to take photographs of themselves with the Morris I was able to make some money for charity. I saw the same couple again who had been on  my tour and  they wanted another photo of the car but this time with me.
Afterwards, I was glad to get home safely, as two years ago the Morris had failed to start and I had to call the A.A.