Saturday, 29 January 2011

In The Frame

I spent a useful day getting things ready for the reopening of Ted Coney's Family Portraits on Monday.OK, it dosn't open until April, but there is still alot to do. I felt I really solved a few problems with my current painting (the subject of another blog next week) and made a few decisions about the size and number of canvases I would need.
I managed to drive the Morris Minor (third time lucky!) to the garage for it's MOT, service and bits done to the bodywork. I also started to select the family photos to be framed and fill up the last remaining wall of the hallway. I decided to have a long thin frame made for the pictures of the hellium balloon farewell to Peggy after her funeral by her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Our Sheringham yaught experience (only model boats!) will also be repesented with a nice photo of all the family about to start another exciting race. Oh, and without being to morbid, I am framing a photo of all 30 members of the family casting Peggy's ashes off Sheringham beach (after which we went for a jolly good meal).

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Saving Cousin Billy

As you enter Ted Coney's Family Portraits you are met by over a 100 family photographs. I had noticed that a large one of Cousin Billy seemed to be turning from sepia (it must be a 100 years old) to bright yellow. A few days later, it had green mould on it and then there was a violent explosion of black mist! I took it off the wall and discovered black mould behind. This is on a wall which has a shower cubicle on the other side. Although it does not appear to be leaking there must be condensation or damp getting through. Luckily, Cousin Billy's face has not yet been affected (it is a full lenghth portrait) otherwise it would be a total distaster. Plumbers have been called and hopefully Johnathan will do what he can to save the rest of the photograph. Cousin Billy died young, so maybe there is an idea in there somewhere for a painting?

Monday, 17 January 2011

A Saviour Cometh

Continuing my quest to get my 1931 Morris Minor through it's MOT before the start of the new season of Ted Coney's Family Portraits, I met a new garage chap called Ian last week who has agreed to help me. I am driving the car to his place on Friday if it will start (it often does if I can catch it unawares!) and if it dosn't he will bring his low loader. He seemed confident that he can help me and I may not need a new exhaust system after all. A great relief!

Monday, 10 January 2011

An Exhaustive Search

Now that Ted Coney's Family Portraits has closed for the winter, there are certain jobs I must do before I reopen in April. One of them is getting the Morris Minor through the MOT before the end of January. To that end, I have been trying to track down a new exhaust system since before Christmas. The trouble is no one seems to know what an exhaust system for a 1931 Morris looks like. I had arranged to drive over to meet Ian who has a garage in Witchford (not to far away) and specialises in Morris Minors, but after an exhausting hour trying to get the car started, I had to give up. Hopefully, Ian will come over here on Thursday and we will see if he can help. As it's the cars 80th birthday this year, I want to get as much publicity as possible for the car and the gallery, and this involves driving in it to public places. Will keep you posted on this one!

Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year, New Painting

This morning , the last day of my holiday, I spent time removing all the achive material and sketchbooks connected with my last painting, from my easle and pinboard. I then put up new stuff to inspire me for my next work, artists references, photographs and the like.
After this was all done very slowly, I made some rather feeble little drawings and paintings of houses from the Hollywoodland era and also our current house in Ely. The painting is all about rediscovering estate agents material from the 1930s while simultaniestly looking for a house ourselves. The Morris (which will be 80 this year) will act as a time machine between the two periods. Happy New Year, by the way!!