Friday, 27 November 2020

Third Time Lucky

 I've just re-joined Cambridge Open Studio (type my name into their website to see my page) with a view to displaying my paintings under their scheme in July 2021.

I tried to join two years ago but missed the deadline for registering my membership. Obviously I was all set for this year until the whole event was postponed because of the pandemic.

You can read the section of a new book about my involvement in  Cambridge Open Studios on the NEWS AND REVIEWS section (News 2020) of my website. 

I was one of the original members 37 years ago and this inspired me to open my pop-up gallery.

Friday, 20 November 2020

Not In My Bubble

 In my next painting I'm trying to decide how to represent the family as individual objects. Previously I'd  invited everyone to choose their own object (see my painting 'Pharaohs and Mortals') so didn't want to repeat that again.

In 'No More Twist', I had shown each person as a character from early 1950s  Children's T.V.( which can be seen on the PRINTS FOR SALE page on my website.)

This time, I was pondering whether to symbolise each person as a coloured pencil - possibly half sharpened with the shavings coiled around.

 However, my latest idea is  bubbles. I like to idea of  translucency and been able to see through (more on that in another blog).  Bubbles equates well to the fragility and transitory nature of life which is one of the themes I want to explore in the painting.

When I was discussing this with my three year old grandson (I need  his help with blowing bubbles) he laughed and said rather perceptively 'Grandpa, I'm to big to fit into a bubble'.

Friday, 13 November 2020


 I've been working on my current painting 'Eggheads' every day, recently. No other distractions because of lockdown! The painting depicts we three brothers and our male decedents in each generation.

There are three clown faces - the Whiteface, The Character and the Auguste, and each one represents the genes of a brother and their dependents. 

I 'm now painting over the top of every face with translucent colour to show how each one is different according to their DNA. Ofcourse I'm showing this in a symbolic way.

 Having made a drawing of the clown's face in a right angled mirror, I then take the drawing and place it under the mirror and make another sketch. This is repeated it until I have a drawing for each face which is ever more complex and divided.

Confused? You should try doing it.   

Friday, 6 November 2020

Candles and Mulled Wine

 I know it's not Christmas yet, but before the start of the second Lockdown there was mulled wine by candlelight in the lane,  to cheer everyone up in the winter darkness.

As I'd opened the  gates and illuminated the garden gallery, studio and garage, some neighbours sneaked in to look at the latest paintings. However, I think they were more interested in my 1931 Morris Minor!

Not the engineer though, who came to fix a new waterpipe under the paving stones in the yard several days later. This was his third visit and he always seems keen to discuss the progress on my current work.

With no tours, one has to take compliments from where ever they come.