Monday, 28 November 2011

No Sliding Walls

Today, we finally met the very nice couple who are buying the house next door. I met them with mixed emotions because I had hoped we might buy the bottom half (it is divided into flats at the moment) so I could enlarge Ted Coney's Family Portraits, but it was not to be. I still have a plan B and plan C but that involves pushing the boundaries of the garden so that is for another day and for other buyers. The other interesting point is the new family are hoping to build a room in the loft. So if they can, why can't we?! 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

OnThe Edge Of Their Seats

Last week, I did the lecture about my work 'On The Edge' to the local Rotary Club. It was a bit of an effort to lug everthing (laptop, projector, sound system etc.) to the Lamb Hotel after a busy day at school so I hope it was worth it. I think it was, because the member who gave the vote of thanks, remarked that he had been blind to many things about families all his life, but the talk and looking at my paintings had helped him to see things more clearly. You can't hope for more than that.

All Doors Closing

Well, my end of season 'story' appeared in the newspaper the other night. It played on the idea of me closing (rather than opening ) the 37 days of Christmas on my painting 'Limners ' . Inspite of a rather leery picture of me (though I do have my eyes open, which is unusual in a photo) it did say there was still time to do a tour before 11th December and stated that
Ted Coneys Family Portraits would be reopening in April 2012. So, we will see if this brings a flurry of visitors in the next few weeks. Ofcourse, you will be able to see the press story on my News and Reviews page, as soon as Daniel has time to put it onto my website.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Busy Monday

A good, if exhausting Monday. The press photographer came in the morning to take a picture of me with my painting 'Limners' to promote the fact that Ted Coney's Family Portraits is closing on 11th December. (so don't miss it!) He took pictures of me opening the doors (on the painting), standing against the closed curtains and other such poises. Hopefully, at least one of them will look OK. 'Limners' is based on an advent calendar (hence the doors) and is about the 37 days of our Christmas, so hopefully it will have a seasonal appeal
In the afternoon, I did a special opening of the house for visitors who couldn't make it on a Sunday. I was just about to do the 'Journeys' tour when the newspaper rang to say they had lost my press release and would I send it again . Everything went well on the tour until I clicked the wrong button on the Electronic Sketchbook and couldn't stop it!
In the evening I took all the 'evidence' to Daniel so he could upload it onto my on line application for the Visit England Awards. We only managed about half and at the last minute could not find Hazel's digitol camera with images on, I had especially taken
And Monday is supposed to be my day off.

Monday, 7 November 2011

A Call To Arms

I have just put out an Email to lots of people reminding them that if they want to visit
Ted Coney's Family Portraits before it closes for the winter, then they had better hurry up. My last tours are on Sunday 11th December and then I don't open again until April 2012. It would be nice to finish on a good note and ofcourse, high visitor numbers could boost my chances of getting somewhere with the Visit England Award submission. I also need to get this in the local papers - watch this space!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Dear Reginald Owen - Not Quite Goodbye

I have been working on my painting 'Dear Reginald Owen' this weekend and I was convinced I would finish it. I worked on the final layer - that of the car (whizzing through space like the Tardis in Doctor Who) and thought it looked pretty good. However, I had another look in the cold light of day and realised I could do more. I need to bring back some of the other layers to break it up a bit. I want to suggest the different time ones, but not make it to obvious. Nearly finished though and I am looking forward to starting my next piece based on Ely Cathedral.