Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Lights and Shadows

We have just been to Cornwall and Dorset for a holiday. When the weather was reasonable I got down to some sketching from the landscape. I decided to do some experiments with light falling on objects because it will link well with my next family painting. I did two sunset pictures as the sun went down over Crackington Haven (not very good, but you have to start somewhere!). I also made some studies of our long shadows cast across the rocks, again as the light was fading.
My idea for the final painting, entitled 'Another Year' will somehow contrast the deaths of my mother and sister-in-law last year, with the arrival of my granddaughter, Poppy and my great neice, Diana (who arrived last week!) almost to the month, a year later. At the moment, I want to represent them as glowing lights (or fading lights) or maybe shadows. It is all a bit vague at the moment but I hope to work with the iconic shape of Ely Cathedral at different times of day, now I am back, and see what happens.

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