Sunday, 9 June 2013

Rough Seas Ahead

In the middle of teaching and getting ready to do my moderating job, I had one free day to work on my painting, 'If  The Boats Come In'.
Although in the final piece, I want to create a painting of a section of knitting unravelling, imprinted with the image of boats on a rough sea, I though I had better have a go at just painting the rough sea first. This is partly because I needed to  take it one step at a time, but also when I do my day demonstrating at Tindalls (the local art shop) I want to have different examples of painted water, to display.
I had some good photos from the internet to work from and no, I didn't go strapped to a mast as Turner had done, to paint his rough seas, first hand. I really enjoyed painting with my fingers, blotting, rubbing back, using a palette knife etc. to try and create the illusion of the swirling water.
I remember years ago trying to paint a giant wave in another painting about the sea-side, 'Wish You Were Here' and always thinking it looked like a big scrubbing brush. Have I got it right this time? You'll have to come and see. 

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