Saturday, 24 July 2010

Taking a Back Seat

Yesterday, I decided to start preparing for my next painting, which will hopefully be finished by my Morris Minor's 80th birthday, next year. This time, I see the Morris as being a Time Machine, (rather like the Tardis in Dr. Who) so I needed to make a study sitting inside the car looking out. Later, I will work on what will be seen through the windows as the car whizzes through space and time (!) but for now I wanted to concentrate on getting some good, solid drawings of the interior. I sat in the back seat and worked on watercolour paper in sepia ink with brush and pen. In the end I made two studies, one from a very central position so I got both side windows in, as well as the front. The other drawing got more of the driver's side window in
By the way, Hazel found the Hollywoodland material, without me having to go through every box in the loft (it was in a cupboard downstairs, anyway) This will form images for the earlier 'time' when cousin Tom Cundall went off to Hollywood to find his fame and fortune as a film director in the 1930s. (about the same era as the Morris) But more of that later

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