Monday, 30 November 2009

All of a Twitter (or is it Tweet?)

A funny week, gallerywise. Both my special tours, that I was to have done on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, were cancelled. The B&B group, who were to have a seminar on Tourism at the Maltings , was called off due to lack of numbers, but hope to come in February. The Hills Road group of office staff, who had requested the special viewing were just to busy in the end, but I guess it will happen sometime. However, I got a call at the weekend from a former student of 30 years ago who said he had noticed my picture in the paper as he was putting out the rubbish and could he book?! Today I learnt how to twitter (or is it make a tweet?) and within minutes had 19 followers!!But our biggest excitement was the news that Leo, our second son is home tomorrow, after being in Austrailia for 2 years.

Monday, 23 November 2009

It's All Over Now

Thank goodness the Auction is over and my little picture sold for £95!! The whole thing was more traumatic than realised and I had to remain backstage until it was all over. The truth is I have never thought about selling before, because it was all for Ted Coney's Family Portraits, so this was a new departure for me. The best bit of the evening was meeting the people who had bought the picture and being able to tell them what ' An Extra Snow Angel' was all about. They seemed genuinely moved when I told them the story of Fay, our stillborn daughter and it is good to know that the painting will be in good hands. However the experience has definately taken a year off my life, so I will not be trying to sell in the near future

Friday, 20 November 2009

In The Frame

Last week I finally paid off Johnathan of the Trumpington Gallery for all the frames he had made for me for my pictures. We also discussed what to do next, once Ted Coney's Family Portraits had closed for the winter. He is going to frame all the fifteen canvases that make up 'Snow Angels and No Angels' individually and then renovate one more piece. There are a few of the early pictures that Johnathan didn't do and certainly need to be brought up to a more professional standard. It will either be 'My Dolls House' (which was put together by my dear old Dad) or 'Pharohs and Mortals' which is basically OK but needs a good clean on the inside.
PS The Auction is on Sunday, I will let you know either way if my picture sells! Ted

Friday, 13 November 2009

A Sideways Look

Well, vanity certainly got the better of me. My picture was in the paper this morning and although I don't look to bad, I am holding the painting the wrong way up!! I was obviously thinking to much about how I would look. Also, in one of the papers (yes, I am in two) they got the dates wrong for when Ted Coney's Family Portraits would be closing. For the record, my last tour will be on December 13th and I hope to reopen at Easter 2010 Bye for now Ted

Monday, 9 November 2009

More Vulgar Publicity

A photographer from the Cambridge News arrived this morning, to take a photo of me with the painting I am putting up for Auction called ' An Extra Snow Angel'. I had hoped he would take the picture of me nonchalently leaning on my A-board (which has now been repaired) holding the said painting. Unfortunately, he preferred my other idea, of me being in my tiny studio with all the other fifteen canvases behind. This meant his lenses was only a few inches from my face. I dread the results. The story is partly to publisise the Auction, but also to let people know I am closing on the 13th December and won't be reopening until Easter 2010. The things one will do for free publicity. Ted

Saturday, 7 November 2009

A Real Family Portrait

Five minutes after saying goodbye to my last visitors to Ted Coney's Family Portraits last Sunday and noticing how calm and ordered everything looked, real life hurtled into view. Max, our youngest, arrived home from working as an extreme sports trainer in Devon and immediately covered the house with washing, sports equipment etc. etc. and laughter. The house has been to quiet and it was good to see him home, if only for a short time. Luckily he has shuffled all his stuff into the loft ready for next Sunday. Best Wishes Ted