Thursday, 29 October 2020

Squaring The Circle

I went into Cambridge last week to meet up with Johnathan to discuss the framing of my latest finished painting 'The Wasp and the Ring'.

As it's another circular canvas, I was keen for it to have a round frame as well. The subject matter is set in a night sky so I thought a charcoal grey frame might hint at  a telescopic view.

However, when Johnathan revealed the cost of my last circular frame, I was persuaded to have other ideas. I've had several circular frames made in the past and these have been outsourced  to someone with a machine for cutting them cheaply.

As this is no longer possible, the new frame will be a square though  the inside could be made  more rounded with sections of wood.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Altogether Now

 I've got two pictures in the latest exhibition at the Babylon Gallery in Ely!

It's entitled 'Altogether Now' and my modest works were made during lockdown for the 'Postcards In Isolation' series. They have been part of an on line gallery for a while but this is the first time they have been exhibited for real.

One  had been displayed upside down and the other, with the text cut off from around the edge! Never mind, it's nice to be part of something. Who knows, they might sell (they are very cheap) and if they do, I'll donate the money to the NHS Charities Together appeal which I'm collecting for at the moment.

The postcards both use flowers (gathered on our walks) in different ways and might form the idea  for one of my next two paintings.

Friday, 16 October 2020

Not Guilty ?

 Clandon Park has been it the news recently because of its links to the colonial past of one of it's former owners, who was Governor General of New Zealand in the 19th century .

There is a maori meeting house in the grounds of  this National Trust property , which we saw quite by chance  on a trip there .

Apparently, the meeting house was saved from destruction and given as a gift by a grateful nation. On the day we visited it was being  used by Maori  from North London for their  Hakari or traditional feast.

Seeing the meeting house gave me an idea for a painting as our middle son was working in Auckland at the time. You can see my painting 'Hinaki' (which means eel trap) on my website (THE TOURS page) where I used some of the  decorations to symbolise my feelings about the separation between us.

Friday, 9 October 2020

Keeping It Small

 I've just been rereading 'The Miniaturist' - a gripping tale set in 17th century Amsterdam, about a young woman who is given a dolls house. As the story  unravels, she is given figures and objects for the house by a mysterious miniaturist which foretell what will happen to her and her family.

Several years ago I made a painting about my mother's cousin entitled 'Fools Gold'. I used a dolls house to hint at the strange, claustrophobic world in which he lived.

You can see the painting in my PRINTS FOR SALE page on my website and the dolls house on my Facebook page. Though I don't claim any magical powers!

Friday, 2 October 2020

Chinese Whispers

 My painting 'Who Stole The Toothpaste?' has been framed. Normally I would have gone into Cambridge to discuss the colour but all that had to be done over the phone. I suggested 'a toady green' for the frame to one of the staff as Mr Toad (from The Wind in the Willows') is central to the painting.

This apparently got changed into 'a turdy green' by the time it got through to Rita who does the colouring. Anyway, it looks fine to me and you can see the results if you google my news story in the Ely Standard or Spotted in Ely this week. I'm using it to further my quest to make money for the NHS Charities Together appeal through sales of my Virtual Tour, preliminary studies and a gift card featuring a drawing of my 1931 Morris Minor.