Thursday, 30 December 2021

In Print

 I was delighted to receive my copy of Stuart Woodhead's new book 'Joy Laurey - The Girl Who Pulls The Strings' as one of my Christmas presents.

I had met and corresponded with Joy Laurey over several years in connection with my research for the painting 'Diamonds'. Joy created the marionette 'Mr Turnip' for children's TV in the  1950s and I used his image to symbolise my childhood in the picture.

Stuart Woodhead had read about this connection on my website and came to interview me about Joy and   I was pleased that he wanted to use 'Diamonds' as one of the illustrations for his book.

You can see the front cover of the book, the painting and a replica of Mr Turnip on my recent Instagram and Facebook posts.

Thursday, 23 December 2021

No Chocolate?

 Foe most of the year, my painting 'Limners' has all it's doors open or all closed, depending on whether my pop-up gallery is operating or not.

However, at this time of year, as its based on an advent calendar,   each door is opened separately depending on the date. (you can see it displayed on my latest Facebook and Instagram posts)

 Their are 37 doors behind which are tiny paintings relating to  our family Christmas. If we have visitors I ask them to open the latest window. My grandchildren often ask why there is no chocolate inside - but there is no pleasing some people!

Happy Christmas!

Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Deck The Halls

 We used to live in a house with a large holly tree in the front garden. Every Christmas I would cut sprigs to decorate the living room and hall.

In 1983 I wanted to portray a holly wreath in a painting entitled 'A Christmas Carol'. Although it was summer I got the local flower shop to make up a seasonal wreath from our tree.

In the painting I hid the ghosts of our past, present and future. Maybe you can find them in the picture - it's on my latest Facebook and Instagram posts.

Thursday, 9 December 2021


 I've just put out our  nativity scene which comprises sixty five figures! They include humans, animals and angels, both good and bad. You can see it displayed on my recent Facebook and Instagram posts.

I had to scramble up into the loft to find most of them, but a few chosen figures have been sitting in my garden gallery all year in their own showcase.

 These were the figures I used in one of my latest paintings 'The Wasp and The Ring'. If you look very closely at the picture you should be able to spot them.

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

On The Other Hand

I've been experimenting with the 'freedom' areas for my latest painting 'Dreamtime'.

Although I always had Chinese brushes at college for the students to try, I never had any of my own.

Investing in some the other week, I began using with them to show the flowerheads I collected and pressed during our walks by the river in Lockdown (my painting is interpreting a dream I had about escaping from the pandemic).

I realised I was using them is a stiff, western way ( a thing I always told the students NOT to do!) so I resolved to try and be freer and looser. A friend suggested I try painting with my other hand but this only gave me a headache!

I want the flowers to look as if they have been tossed in the wind so I shall just have to keep practising.

After all, a Chinese master would have taken years to perfect his craft.