Friday, 25 June 2021

Almost Ready

 As I'm opening to the public this weekend (Ely Arts Festival) for the first time in eighteen months, its been a busy time, getting everything ready.

I've just cleaned the Morris (it's central to my display in the garage), painted bits of my old bike (to hang a display board on at the end the lane) and got  signs printed and laminated for the one way system. A stand   has been done up to take two paintings I don't have places for on the walls.

As I have to be 'Covid Secure' I've got sanitiser for the entrance and exits of the garden and a QR card for track and trace

To attract people's attention I'm going to have my automatic bubble blower working which should link to my latest painting where I've used bubbles to represent each member of the family .

Am I excited?   More apprehensive at the moment.

Friday, 18 June 2021

And Princess Margaret said No

 I've just been interviewed for Cambridge 105 Radio about my forthcoming open days for Ely Arts Festival and Cambridge Open Studio.

The interview was recorded in our garden so I was able to show one or two pieces of memorabilia that we could talk about.

I 'd made a scrapbook  in 1984 to record my first Open Studio and the interviewer was most interested in a letter I had received from Kensington Palace.

As I was charging admission with the proceeds going to Save the Children fund, I had the mad idea of inviting it's president to the opening.

I received a charming letter from a lady-in-waiting who stated that Princess Margaret would have to regretfully decline as she had another engagement.

It's true, she had - I saw it in  next day's newspaper.

Thursday, 10 June 2021

Covid Secure?

 I've  had a letter and  follow-up phone call recently, to check I am Covid secure before I reopen the gallery in late June.

It galvanised me into doing a risk assessment and getting a QR card printed, and made me think how I could open safely without too many restrictions.

Ofcourse I am not doing tours just yet (hopefully starting in September) but opening the  new garden gallery, garage and my studio. I also aim to have a display of my preliminary canvases which will be seen through the open French windows, with the table placed firmly against the frame.

I plan to operate a one -way system around the garden so only hope this will be enough to satisfy the authorities  (I've been promised a visit).

Monday, 7 June 2021

The Past Informing The Present

 I always like to take a sketchbook when I visit a museum or gallery and on our recent trip to Oxford it was no different. We've just spent a day at the Ashmolean Museum and I saw some interesting clay figurines that I felt like drawing.

I think they were male and female images presenting gifts to the Greek gods, though I got distracted (there is so much to see) and didn't write down exactly what they were.

I have a vague idea for another painting in the future (not the next one) and the gods of war, peace and love could be very useful.