Friday, 27 May 2016

Chicken And Egg

It's all very frustrating. I am applying to be  Artist in Residence in Hull as part of their City of Culture 2017 celebrations. (I lived in Hull for the first twenty years of my life)
 My plan is to have an exhibition/ work on a new painting/ and run workshops, give talks etc. while I am there.
I  put in my application but I am not hopeful. They say it helps your chances of getting funding (I am applying for £3,000) if you have got a venue in the city secured as part of your bid.
I have also applied to two venues who are overwhelmed with eager artists. The venue people say it helps them decide, if you already have your funding in place, first.
It really is a classic chicken and egg situation.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Yaga-Bombs and Rattlers

I went  to Max's Stag weekend in Devon recently with some trepidation, but I needn't have worried as I had a lovely time.
I have morning coffee looking over a sparkling sea while the others went Coasterneering which looked terrifying. They all wore hard hats and wetsuits and proceeded to hurl themselves into the sea . I joined them for a BBQ later.
In the evening I was introduced to Yaga-Bombs (very strong shots of every colour) and Rattlers which tasted like lemonade but was infact, cider   (rats nibbling the apples at the bottom of the barrel?)
I even managed to produce one drawing of  jagged rocks as I gazed over the sea-side sports, secretly thanking my lucky stars that I was considered too old for such madness.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Remember Me?

As part of my advertising strategy to advertise Ted Coney's Family Portraits, I wrote a piece for Great Shelford Village News, where we used to live before we moved to Ely.
It's ten years since we left, but do go back occasionally to see friends and I've had quite a few from there in the past to do one of my tours.
The article is entitled 'From Ely - With Love' and you can read it in the 2016 section of my NEWS AND REVIEWS page.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Brain Working

I always tell my students that one can see their brains working (or not working) by the preliminary  studies they do in their sketchbooks.
I have always thought through  ideas for my own painting in sketchbooks and small canvases.
The other year I  donated three of these canvases to charity for auction and they all sold.
Feeling a bit braver, I put seventeen preliminary studies on sale during my exhibition at the Babylon Gallery and they all went.
Well now you can buy one as I have just displayed some on my website for instant viewing.
Just click on the gold writing at the bottom of THE COLLECTION page on my website. More will be added as I do them.