Friday, 24 April 2020

Families Apart- Together

I've been making paintings about  families for over 50 years, so  obviously they are very important to me.
While the present situation  of self isolation is hard I've been struck by how modern technology is helping us all get through it.
We've had several Zoom meetings with our immediate family - children, their partners and grandchildren, which has been lovely.
We have also had two with all strands of the Coney family together. That's 11 families and 29 people! From Seattle to Skipton, Sydney to Spain,  all talking at once and waiving to each other.
I can't help thinking that when this pandemic is  over, there is an idea for a painting in there somewhere. 

Friday, 17 April 2020

Keep Going and Carry On

I had planned to open my pop-up gallery this Sunday for the first of the new season 's tours but because of the pandemic, this is obviously postponed for a while.
Still, you can always try my VIRTUAL TOUR (see my website) and if you do, I'll donate the fee to our wonderful NHS.
In the meantime, I'll carry on painting - but more on that next week.

Friday, 10 April 2020

On With The Show

During lockdown I've been doing puppet shows for my grandson on Zoom. I performed
 'Sooty's Magic Show' and 'Muffin's New Friend' which I think he enjoyed (well, they didn't switch it off).
The puppets form part of my collection of objects I've used in some of my paintings - which you can see  on the PRINTS FOR SALE page on the website.
Muffin the Mule appears in 'David's Journey' and Sooty in 'Offrenda', both representing different members of the family.
My puppetry skills aren't great but these are challenging times.

Friday, 3 April 2020

Serves Me Right

It was my birthday last week and a friend sent me one of my own cards -the gift card showing my 1931 Morris Minor (you can see the drawing on the PRINTS FOR SALE page).
Her excuse was, because we are all confined to our houses, it was the only card she had, having bought a few from my Artist in Residence event last summer.
At least I didn't feel too guilty displaying it with the   other  (six) on the mantelpiece.