Saturday, 23 February 2019

Not So Open

I first opened our house to the public thirty five years ago, even before the official Open Studio scheme in Cambridge was born. I did it three times over the years and  the idea for
 Ted Coney's Family Portraits  gradually developed.
 Giving tours rather than let the public wander around seemed sensible because  my paintings often needed some explanation.
However, I had the idea that this July I might try Open Studio again (as well as tours at different times) to encourage more people to visit.
I also hoped it might be a good opportunity to sell a new batch of preliminary canvases.
I studied the Open Studio website and was about to rejoin when I realised I had missed the deadline!
So I won't be doing Open Studios in July 2019 but maybe 2020.
 My tours should be restarting in late April though - date to be announced.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019


Although I've been making paintings about the family for 50 years it is only since last June that I have had the opportunity to paint full time.
You could say I am an emerging artist even though I'll be seventy five soon.
With this in mind I've been putting together my on line portfolio to send to galleries.
If you want to view it, simply write in the top box on your screen
and click ENTER on your keyboard.
Wish me luck!

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Name The Frame

Some people have a building, a ship or even a country named after them. Without knowing it until yesterday, I've had a picture frame named after me.
I took my latest painting, 'Hinaki' to be framed and chose the frame and colour I wanted. I've opted for a smoky grey which I believe will help pull the eye into the centre of the picture.
On choosing the frame, Johnathan drew my attention to the name on the side which read
 'Deep Coney'.
Whilst I never thought it had anything to do with my personality or temperament, I was amused to discover that it was a frame I often chose without realising it.
They name all their hundred or so frames on different regular clients apparently, as it helps staff differentiate between them. 

Friday, 1 February 2019

Coming Home

My 1931 Morris Minor has been away for nearly a month now, having it's MOT and various jobs done to the engine, so it was good to get it home yesterday.
I enjoyed driving through the snowy fenland landscape but relieved it didn't break down  as it was very cold and my mobile phone had run out of juice.
Now that I have a trickle charger connected to the battery I think the car will  be more reliable.
As the Morris appears in my latest painting ' Who Stole The Toothpaste' I am hoping there will be renewed interest in it,  when I take it to local events.