Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Mangled Story

I was very grateful to the Weekly News for doing a photo (yes, I am in the papers again!) and press story about Ted Coney's Family Portraits closing for the winter on 12th December. It was intended to drum up a bit more trade before the end of the season. Although I sent a press release, stating exactly what I was up to, the story in the newspaper bore no relation to what I had sent!! I mentioned the closure and to add a bit of spice (and to make a good photo oppotunity) I included some information about my painting 'David's Journey' in which I explained that my brother was represented by Muffin the Mule going through a labryth of mirrors. I foolishly also mentioned that the lecture about my work 'On the Edge' would still be available even though the house was closed. Needless to say this got muddled together and it appears I am doing a special ehibition on 12th December entitled On The Edge!! They say all publicity is good publicity, but in this case we shall have to wait and see.
(You will be able to read the my version of the press story on the REVIEWS section of my web-site when it is posted)

Monday, 15 November 2010

Old Students Return

I have recently had a visit from two former students and their families to
Ted Coney's Family Portraits and it was great to see them. Paul and Melanie, brother and sister, were at Hills Road several years ago, so it was nice of them to pay me a visit and see what I was up to. Melanie (pregnant and positively glowing) wrote in my visitors book that I had inspired her all over again, which was a smashing thing to say. I think she was referring to the sketchbooks for my painting 'Max's Diary' , where I had recorded the first year of Max's life. As her baby is due fairly soon, she needs to get drawing!!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Chinese Visit

Last Sunday, at their request (nothing to do with me, I promise) I had several of my chinese students visit Ted Coney's Family Portraits for a tour. I knew some of the paintings would be a bit difficult for them to understand, so I carefully selected the ones I hoped they would enjoy best. I think it went OK ( they bought me Hallowean presents to start with) but they kept wanting to know about the paintings I hadn't selected. In the end I abandand the tour and went with the flow.Best way with young people, whatever their nationality!