Saturday, 30 January 2010

A Minor Problem

It was a great relief to learn that my 1931 Morris Minor had escaped relitively unscathed from the MOT inspection this week. Infact the only thing it needed was a new windscreen wiper which was just as well, as it poured with rain when I drove the car on the return journey along the A10 yesterday.
It's now back in it's own garage, already for visitors to see when Ted Coney's Family Portraits reopens in April Best Wishes Ted

Monday, 25 January 2010

Ufb Gps 222

I've already mentioned my new painting, about two great aunts who had an interesting 2nd world war. One poised nude at the Windmill Theatre while the other helped with the decoding at Bletchly Park. However, I want to use the symbol of afternoon tea in the painting to show how respectable they were in old age (if you have been following my blog you may remember the local press covered the story of me doing a preliminary watercolour at Peacocks Tearooms).
I want to 'hide' letters and numbers in the picture to represent their earlier life, partly for the codes but also for telephone numbers (to show the racey life in London at that time!)
My first idea for the title was ' Got Your Number' but then I came up with Ufb Gps 222
Can you guess what it means?! Best Wishes Ted

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It's All in the Business Plan

When I started planning Ted Coney's Family Portraits I wrote several versions of my business plan. In it, I always tried to show what a good location we were in,
(on the footfall of visitors) near the Babylon Gallery and the Maltings Cinema. Yesterday, I tried to do my bit by helping to save them both, as they are under threat from the wicked Tory Council. I wrote letters to councillors and lobbyed the local newspapers. Ofcourse, now they are more than names on a business plan, Hazel and I are both volunteers and we know all the staff well. Lets hope public support will win through and they will continue to keep open.
I'll keep you posted Ted

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Diamonds in the Attic

Hi I've been assembling all the sketches, photos, artists references etc. that I need to be photographed next week in preparation for the new electronic sketchbook for the reopening of Ted Coney's Family Portraits. Frustratingly, I could not find a set of drawings I made about 17 years ago in preparation for my painting 'Diamonds'. They were of Mr Turnip (to represent my childhood) a T.V. puppet of 1950's drawn in different positions at our old family home in Hull. I went into the attic to try and find the drawings, but no luck. I was convinced they must be there, somewhere, so I went back, taking my spectacles with me. Success! I found them in another folio mixed up with teaching stuff. I have now got material for four of my paintings.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Keeping the Old Girl Going

Hi There! As my 1931 Morris Minor is one of the star turns of Ted Coney's Family Portraits, I need to organise any repairs while the gallery is closed. I have arranged for the M.O.T. and service to be done at the end of January. As the temperature is so low, I am desparately trying to keep the battery charged up, so I can get the car there, when it is needed. Although the snow is quite bad around here I decided to risk it and take the Morris for a ride this morning to keep the battery charged. I went to visit my 91 year old mother, who lives about 5 miles away and felt quite elated when I made it back without getting stuck Whats the weather like near you?

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Phase 2 - Beginnings

Happy New Year! Now Ted Coney's Family Portraits is closed for the winter, this seemed a good time to get moving on some of the improvements I intend to make before opening again. I want to have an electronic sketchbook in the entrance (as well as the film) so visitors can see how some of the paintings have been constructed. This week, I have been sorting through all my sketchbooks to find the material to display. I needed to decide which paintings to include and have been looking at the source material for four of them, which will cover all eight tours. My neice Emily, who is a photographer, is taking the images for me and the Internet Marketing Company are going to put the show together. I will keep you posted on the other changes