Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Price OF Fame

Just before Christmas, Hazel and I attended a carol concert in Ely Cathedral. Unfortunately I had bought the tickets late and had to make do with the unreserved seats at the back. Although we had resigned ourselves to this, I hadn't realised that we couldn't even sit next to each other, but several rows apart. Hazel was all for going home, but as I had just bought the programme and ordered mulled wine for the interval, I knew I had to act fast. I looked around in desparation for someone I knew who might be able to help. I spotted a member of the Cathedral staff I have met through advertising their concerts on the station (I look after the What's On In Ely stand there)  I explained our predicament and she said the magic words, 'follow me'. We did and were rewarded to front seats close to the choir. I said to Hazel, rather smugly that she obviously knew I was from Ted Coney's Family Portraits, as she took my flyers and I took hers. The concert was marvalous, more so because of where we were sitting and when I saw the lady again in the interval I thanked her again. ' Oh thats alright' she said ' You are Bill, arn't you ?'
At that point the truth dawned, but she didn't move us back, so that was OK  

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Seasons Greetings

As the christmas cards have come in, it's been good to read people remarking favourably about their visit to Ted Coney's Family Portraits and also to my website. The website will keep changing and evolving in the new year, but good to know folk are looking at it!
For now, I shall put away my paintbrushes (well, we are using the studio as a cold storage centre for drinks and food) and enjoy the family coming home for Christmas. Although , I am sure to get a few ideas for a future painting from their visit.   Happy Christmas!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Moving Off - On Wheels

Now that Ted Coney's Family Portraits has closed for the winter, I have started to dismantle part of the exhibition in the bedrooms, so that the family can move in for Christmas. Luckily, (and cunningly) all the plinths and showcases are all on wheels, so all I have to do, is to push them to one side and pull down the sofa beds. Even more cleverly, I spin the plinths around to reveal hidden cupboards where all the bedding is kept. I have to keep Mr Turnip well covered up though, as everyone complains, they can't sleep in there with him staring down at them.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Will It Ever Be Finished?

Last summer I bought a book about building a cardboard model of Ely Cathedral to use as source material for my next painting 'Another Year'. Those that know me well will know that I am not good with models. I used the wrong glue (mind, that was the book's fault) and then made the fatal error of putting masking tape on, to hold it all together until the glue dried. Ofcourse, it ripped the surface (and the nave lost some windows) and dosn't look so perfect anymore. I persuaded my brother David to have a go, hoping he would finish it, but after a few flying buttresses done, back it came. The arrival of our son Max, who is staying for a while seemed an ideal oppotunity to get the wretched thing finished. He has done a bit, be seemed reluctant to take up my fantastic offer of living rent free, while he finishes it.
Why do I need it? I want to light it from different angles, to make drawing from, to add to my photos and drawings of the real thing. It probably took over100 years to complete Ely Cathedral (I need to look in the book to check that!), and it looks as though mine is going to take just about as long.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Visit England Here I Come!

Well I've done it! I have just clicked the buttons and sent my two Visit England submissions into ciberspace. I can't change them now, no more fiddling to get the right turn of phrase, I am just going to be judged by what I have sent. I did get Daniel (he's incharge of my website) to help me upload all the evidence. We sent 54 bits for Small Visiter Attraction of the Year Award and 58 to the Tourism Experience of the Year Award. Ofcourse some were the same but it did seem alot. What an earth did he send I can hear you say ? Well it included my blog, tweet,  Facebook page, newspaper stories, film, Electronic Sketchbook etc. etc. and even a few examples of paintings. 
 Maybe Ted Coney's Family Portraits is going to go big time after all?!