Friday, 9 December 2011

Will It Ever Be Finished?

Last summer I bought a book about building a cardboard model of Ely Cathedral to use as source material for my next painting 'Another Year'. Those that know me well will know that I am not good with models. I used the wrong glue (mind, that was the book's fault) and then made the fatal error of putting masking tape on, to hold it all together until the glue dried. Ofcourse, it ripped the surface (and the nave lost some windows) and dosn't look so perfect anymore. I persuaded my brother David to have a go, hoping he would finish it, but after a few flying buttresses done, back it came. The arrival of our son Max, who is staying for a while seemed an ideal oppotunity to get the wretched thing finished. He has done a bit, be seemed reluctant to take up my fantastic offer of living rent free, while he finishes it.
Why do I need it? I want to light it from different angles, to make drawing from, to add to my photos and drawings of the real thing. It probably took over100 years to complete Ely Cathedral (I need to look in the book to check that!), and it looks as though mine is going to take just about as long.

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