Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Price OF Fame

Just before Christmas, Hazel and I attended a carol concert in Ely Cathedral. Unfortunately I had bought the tickets late and had to make do with the unreserved seats at the back. Although we had resigned ourselves to this, I hadn't realised that we couldn't even sit next to each other, but several rows apart. Hazel was all for going home, but as I had just bought the programme and ordered mulled wine for the interval, I knew I had to act fast. I looked around in desparation for someone I knew who might be able to help. I spotted a member of the Cathedral staff I have met through advertising their concerts on the station (I look after the What's On In Ely stand there)  I explained our predicament and she said the magic words, 'follow me'. We did and were rewarded to front seats close to the choir. I said to Hazel, rather smugly that she obviously knew I was from Ted Coney's Family Portraits, as she took my flyers and I took hers. The concert was marvalous, more so because of where we were sitting and when I saw the lady again in the interval I thanked her again. ' Oh thats alright' she said ' You are Bill, arn't you ?'
At that point the truth dawned, but she didn't move us back, so that was OK  

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