Thursday, 1 December 2011

Visit England Here I Come!

Well I've done it! I have just clicked the buttons and sent my two Visit England submissions into ciberspace. I can't change them now, no more fiddling to get the right turn of phrase, I am just going to be judged by what I have sent. I did get Daniel (he's incharge of my website) to help me upload all the evidence. We sent 54 bits for Small Visiter Attraction of the Year Award and 58 to the Tourism Experience of the Year Award. Ofcourse some were the same but it did seem alot. What an earth did he send I can hear you say ? Well it included my blog, tweet,  Facebook page, newspaper stories, film, Electronic Sketchbook etc. etc. and even a few examples of paintings. 
 Maybe Ted Coney's Family Portraits is going to go big time after all?! 

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