Friday, 27 August 2021


 At last, we have managed to get my posts from Instagram to appear on my Facebook page as well! This means that I can present something more visual and even show the odd video. (some will be odder than others)

Currently, you can see a section of my painting 'Katy's Gold' linking to a tiny bit of film of the Sheringham house we have stayed in annually for the last forty years,

We were there last week, with twenty members of  the family

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

On The Edge

 I've been thinking alot about edges recently. I had three requests to stain the edges of  canvases I sold during my Open Studio event - which I was happy to do.

 Normally, with a  preliminary study, I leave the edges quite rough but fully appreciate some people want it to look a bit neater.

I've also been staining the edges of the nine small canvases which make up my painting 'Memento Mori.'  I envisage them displayed in a box- like frame rather like a cabinet of curiosities  so the edges need to be the same dark colour as the background, so they can dissolve into it.

Thursday, 12 August 2021

Need A Boost

 I am trying to make one small video a week on Instagram to illuminate my paintings and the collection.

Last week I posted my painting, 'The Enigma of the Chinese Mask' and then went on to show the puppet 'Mr Turnip' (his head was based on a Chinese mask).

I thought it would be more fun if I could animate his hand, eyes and mouth but couldn't get a signal in the room he is based in. Although I could have moved him to another location, I knew I needed stronger WIFI anyway because of other things I plan to do in the future.  (more parts of the collection to be shown soon)

After some research I invested in a booster and eventually got it to work. You can see the results on my Instagram feed

Friday, 6 August 2021

Drawing Drama

 This week I've been working on preparatory drawings for my next painting 'Dreamtime' - ( you can see a very short film of my first sketch on  Instagram.)

I set up the Pollacks Toy Theatre at various angles and used a lamp to add dramatic lighting.

I even ended up sitting on the floor so I could see the theatre from a very steep angle.

 Four of the drawings were photocopied at different sizes and I've been cutting them up to arrange the composition.

The image is based on a dream I had in the midst of the pandemic, of being trapped inside the theatre and couldn't get out.

 The final painting will show Hazel and I escaping from Covid.