Friday, 30 July 2021

Still Here

 The best thing about my recent Open Studio events  (apart from selling alot of preliminary canvases and prints) was meeting former students again and their parents, after forty years.

Many took photographs and I think there was a feeling on their part of not quite believing I was still around!

Mind you, I think some  were even more excited to see the Morris Minor again as I used to drive it to school fifty years ago.

Friday, 23 July 2021

A Wobbly Gem?

 I have now produced two, 30 second videos to promote my Open Studio events (last one this weekend - lets hope the weather holds).

The first video  using my hand held phone to 'discover'  my 1931 Morris Minor, and see who was in the driving seat (you'll need to view, to find out).

The second film was more ambitious. I wanted to experiment with my new tripod and let the camera gently glide into the studio to see  my latest work in progress. 'Memento Mori' uses painted bubbles so I wanted real bubbles to be gently floating over the surface.

Although Hazel manipulated the bubble machine for me, I really needed a third person to hold the tripod.(it kept moving)

After several unsuccessful attempts I opted for a  still shot of the painting with a few bubbles wafting across it.

Watch out for my next wobbly gem later today.

Friday, 16 July 2021


 Having purchased a phone for the first time,  I've just launched on Instagram!

 I needed something more visual to advertise my work, though  have only just been introduced to the mysteries of hashtags. So far I have posted a few of my paintings and taken a couple of photographs showing my preparations for Open Studio weekends (still two to go)

So please follow me on Instagram and watch out for some videos to come (maybe even later to day if I can persuade Hazel to help)

Friday, 9 July 2021

An Extra Slice

 I had planned to open four areas  off the garden, when I start Cambridge Open Studios tomorrow (three weekends in July) but have now added an extra space.

I've got displays in the garage, garden gallery, studio and through the French Windows of the dining room.

 However, providing visitors wear masks, I am also opening our hallway. They can see two films running simultaneously, postcards for sale and photographs of six generations of the Coney family.

 And hanging on the door is the poster I made when I first took part in Open Studio back in 1984.

Friday, 2 July 2021

To Sum Up

     One of the things I was most concerned about at last week's Ely Arts Festival was how I was going to sell anything when visitors don't seem to carry cash anymore.

With my daughters help I managed to purchase a Sum-Up device, (which looks a bit like a calculator) and a nice young man at the Apple store showed me how it worked.

I sold one of my preliminary canvases for £75 and I managed not to charge 75p or £75,000.

I feel I am now ready for Open Studios , which starts for me on 10th July (see my website for more details)