Friday, 23 July 2021

A Wobbly Gem?

 I have now produced two, 30 second videos to promote my Open Studio events (last one this weekend - lets hope the weather holds).

The first video  using my hand held phone to 'discover'  my 1931 Morris Minor, and see who was in the driving seat (you'll need to view, to find out).

The second film was more ambitious. I wanted to experiment with my new tripod and let the camera gently glide into the studio to see  my latest work in progress. 'Memento Mori' uses painted bubbles so I wanted real bubbles to be gently floating over the surface.

Although Hazel manipulated the bubble machine for me, I really needed a third person to hold the tripod.(it kept moving)

After several unsuccessful attempts I opted for a  still shot of the painting with a few bubbles wafting across it.

Watch out for my next wobbly gem later today.

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