Monday, 25 January 2010

Ufb Gps 222

I've already mentioned my new painting, about two great aunts who had an interesting 2nd world war. One poised nude at the Windmill Theatre while the other helped with the decoding at Bletchly Park. However, I want to use the symbol of afternoon tea in the painting to show how respectable they were in old age (if you have been following my blog you may remember the local press covered the story of me doing a preliminary watercolour at Peacocks Tearooms).
I want to 'hide' letters and numbers in the picture to represent their earlier life, partly for the codes but also for telephone numbers (to show the racey life in London at that time!)
My first idea for the title was ' Got Your Number' but then I came up with Ufb Gps 222
Can you guess what it means?! Best Wishes Ted

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