Wednesday, 1 December 2021

On The Other Hand

I've been experimenting with the 'freedom' areas for my latest painting 'Dreamtime'.

Although I always had Chinese brushes at college for the students to try, I never had any of my own.

Investing in some the other week, I began using with them to show the flowerheads I collected and pressed during our walks by the river in Lockdown (my painting is interpreting a dream I had about escaping from the pandemic).

I realised I was using them is a stiff, western way ( a thing I always told the students NOT to do!) so I resolved to try and be freer and looser. A friend suggested I try painting with my other hand but this only gave me a headache!

I want the flowers to look as if they have been tossed in the wind so I shall just have to keep practising.

After all, a Chinese master would have taken years to perfect his craft.

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