Friday, 11 December 2009

Finishing off

Eleven years ago I produced a painting entitled ' Offrenda' using some of the ideas behind the Mexican way of celebrating death and remembering loved ones. This was because I thought my mother Peggy, who was 81 at the time, was going to die and I wanted to prepare for it. At the time I told her (when she recovered!) that it was picture about her eightieth birthday and she happily accepted this. Peggy is now 91 and this time I think she really is, gently fading away. It seems appropriate therefore, that I have just started the last of my ' Snow Angels and No Angels' pictures and this one is dedicated to her. It will include Peggy's favourite flower, the humble daisey but also records the triumphant arrival of the body of Queen Eleanor of Castille to Westminster Abbey in 1290 (the canvases, as well as celebrating 15 female members of the family also records the journey I made to follow the Eleanor crosses from Harby to London)

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