Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Keeping Busy

While on half term holiday I have being trying to organise things , so I can open
TED CONEY'S FAMILY PORTRAITS at Easter. I have taken the sketchbook photos to the Internet Marketing Company for them to turn them into an Electronic Sketchbook (this is so visitors can see how four of the paintings have been made) . I have called in at the Tourist Office to get hooked up to their web-site again and hopefully been successful in them letting me and the Morris Minor appear at Eel Day for free, to advertise the opening. I have also ordered a new tower for the computer (otherwise the electronic sketchbook may not run!) Frustratingly, it won't fit under the computer table which I had built at great expense last year, so I am in the process of getting that altered. Oh yes, and I am also doing some exploritary drawing for the new picture but thats for another blog Best Wishes Ted

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