Saturday, 2 October 2010

Suffering Over a Hot Stove - For Art

I've just spent three hours trying to skim encaustic wax over one of my canvases for my painting
'Tea for 222'. I used my new metal trough specially bought for the job and felt really prepared as I had experimented on a small canvas first. However, doing one of the real canvases proved much more difficult. It wasn't so much that I ran out of wax, as it set in the trough before I had time to complete the run. In the end I tried about ten times and as I had to keep reheating the wax, I got rather hot. I had almost given up when I had a brainwave. I had managed to cover most of the canvas but it looked an uneven mess, so I used a heated knife to smooth out the wrinkles. I had to clean it well afterwards because it belonged to Jasper, and he wanted his dinner.

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