Monday, 13 December 2010

And It's Goodbye From Me

Yesterday, I did the last Ted Coney's Family Portraits tour of the season. No more doing a quick tidy up of the house on a sunday morning (Hazel's piles of stuff will surely grow) and no more staggering out with my A-board, first thing. I did have a nice group in today who seemed to enjoy the experience, so it made a good end to the year. I now need time to finish this year's painting and figure out how I can grow my client group without paying out a load of money. I've been in the papers and on the radio, so I have got to conquer the TV next. Wish me look (and ideas how to do it.
P.S. The blog will continue, when I've got something to say and the lecture about my work
'On The Edge' is still available for hire!

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