Sunday, 3 June 2012

A Jubilee Blog

Yes, I really did have tea with the Queen last week - but along with 8,000 other people. Hazel , Max and I had a great day, eating cucumber sandwiches and drinking iced coffee. We managed to see most of the Royal Family close up thanks to Max acting as our human periscope. He could see over the heads of everyone else and direct his tiny parents to the best places to stand. It made me think of the paintings I have done over the years, involving the Royals. ' Family Funeral' was a tryptich painted as a responce to Churchill's funeral, with the Royal Family on one side of the coffin and my family on the other. 'Prince, King, Exile' didn't involve my family at all but showed what happend to Edward VIII once he married Mrs. Simpson. 'The Puppets Dream' is a painting about a dream I had many years ago, showing Princess Anne reviewing the navy. She fell into the water but emerged moments later, still waiving and hat still intact. She is real while Hazel and I appear as puppets. You can still see that one today, when you visit Ted Coney's Family Portraits.  

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