Friday, 25 April 2014

A Preliminary Precaution

I am so glad that I offered one of my preliminary studies to Joe before the exhibition started, as by the end of the show I had sold all seventeen little canvases! Joe, who had bullied me into having the exhibition in the first place, chose 'Airlines' and it is now displayed in his hallway in what he calls 'Coney Corner'. This also has one, of only two weavings I ever made and a screenprint from my distant college days.
The most popular studies in the exhibition came from my preparations for the painting
 'If The Boats Come In' and I could have sold them twice over. Obviously boats are very saleable and I could  have sold one to the captain of the QE2 (I know his wife) if there had been more.
The exhibition closed last Monday with the last two studies being sold in the afternoon.
2,000 visitors were recorded has having attended the exhibition over the five weeks, so not a bad effort.

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