Saturday, 10 January 2015

New Broom

I didn't exactly do any cleaning, but I did sort out my studio a bit, ready to begin my new project.
I took down all the old source material from the pin boards and easel connected to
 'The Rashomon Effect' and carefully filed them away. (the painting itself will go to be framed in the near future)
I then started to pin up the shadow puppets from Java I shall be using in the painting, and also the black card puppets of Laurel and Hardy, I made during the summer.
I also got ready a small shadow screen to display the puppets on, while I draw and paint from them.
I am now in the process of painting a coloured, translucent version of Laurel and Hardy which I also want to experiment with, as shadows.
Why Laurel and Hardy? Well, I want them to represent my mother's cousins, Billy and Dickie in a painting I plan to do entitled 'Against The Light '.
 Hence the use of shadows.

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