Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Don't Mention The Death Word

I've been on the radio again recently, talking about Ted Coney's Family Portraits (ofcourse!). This time it was Cambridge 105. Before I arrived, I had written myself a little note, reminding me not to talk about any of my paintings which had been sparked off by a death in the family. I had done this on the last radio programme ('For You In Loving Memory') but I resolved to sound a bit more cheerful this time as I worried it might put visitors off coming on the tours.
The interview seemed to go fine and as it was being recorded, I was told when the talk was over. However the nice chap who had been interviewing me continued to ask me  about the work, in a relaxed way.
Only then did I produce my bit of paper and made a joke about not revealing paintings which had a gloomier starting point. He then got into a  discussion about those.
When  I went out on air, I had the distinct impression that the  programme featured  the very paintings I had decided to keep quiet about!
You'll find the interview at the top of the Radio section of the NEWS AND REVIEWS page on my website.  

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