Friday, 12 February 2016

Another Door Opens

I always tell my students when  rejected by a University for a course they have applied for, that they have 24 hours to feel sorry for themselves and then  need to get working again.
Well, I was rejected by  Ferens Art Gallery recently, so I tried to apply the same rule to myself. It was quite hard to do, as they did seem  interested in having an exhibition of my work. In the end they said that it was too difficult in these straightened times to get outside funding. What they didn't say (but meant) was that no one had heard of me and I wasn't a 'name' who might attract grants etc.
Ted Coney's Family Portraits is yet to go global!
I shall keep trying by sending my portfolio to other galleries but in the meantime another interesting offer has come my way.
There is going to be a TV film made of my work. It's for a new, local station but you never know, it could be scooped up by the BBC.

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