Thursday, 24 March 2016

Message From A Snow Angel

I created the painting 'Snow Angels and No Angels' in 2008 to commemorate the death of Queen Eleanor of Castile in 1290. I followed the same route by bicycle from Harby, Lincolnshire to Westminster Abbey in London as her cortege had done, all those years before.
 Her husband, Edward 1, commanded that crosses should be erected at all the stopping points on the journey, to celebrate her passing.
I laid flowers at the site of each cross to celebrate the lives of fifteen women in my life - all of them members of my family.
I was reminded of all this recently by Julia, as she wanted to place a typed history of Eleanor and my ideas for the work, behind the framed print she had bought of her section of the painting.
 Julia was one of the five 'snow angels' (which I saw as a negative image) to symbolise relations who had either died,  lived along way away or we hadn't seen for many years.
You can see the painting - all fifteen canvases, from my PRINTS FOR SALE  page, on my website.

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