Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Ship Of Fools

I do seem to have done a lot of family paintings  involving boats.
 My painting 'Encore!', produced after Arthur died, has ships sailing through the air. I was inspired by model  boats I saw in Norwegian churches, which were strung high up above our heads in the nave.
In the painting, 'In Three our Kingdom', I placed a tiny sailing boat in Richard's wine glass to represent the boat he and Arthur used to sail in, many years before.
A more recent piece, 'If The Boats Come In' shows our toy boats on  the pond at Sheringham, with several more out to sea, as if  knitted from wool. Are they unravelling or being drawn towards the shore?
There is a lot of symbolism connected to sailing, so the most significant moment for me last weekend at Max and Sarah's wedding , was our ride by boat between the official ceremony and the reception.
It could spark off another idea for a painting in years to come. 

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