Saturday, 23 July 2016

Eel Trap - In Wales

Whilst visiting Wales the other week we stayed with some friends in a remote farm house. I hadn't met Hilary's partner, Nick, before but it turned out that he had lived in the Fens and done some work on the Ouse Washes. As a gift when he left, someone had given him an eel trap.
I spied this quite rare object in the barn  and decided to make a drawing of it.
I was especially interested in the trap because for my next painting (or next but one, we'll see how it goes) I want to show how Leo has gone to live in New Zealand and I worry about him not making it back to the UK.
Whilst visiting New Zealand last year I made a drawing of an eel trap there, as I was intrigued to see that Ely's fishermen weren't the only ones to use them.
I realise that our eels don't come from that part of the world, but artist's licence will allow me to use them as a symbol  for being trapped.

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