Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Objects Of Desire

One of my main objectives on the East Yorkshire trip (see last weeks blog) was to collect objects from each seaside town to represent my grandmother and her four sisters.
These objects were in  the following categories;
1) objects which represented the sea-side, for example - rock with the letters 'Withernsea' running through , a plastic crab, a model fishing boat etc.
2) objects which would have existed when my great aunts were around in the 1950s.
These I bought at charity shops and included a coronation bowl, a teapot and a metal 'love' spoon
3) One piece of beach material from each place. I enlisted Hazel to collect these for me as she is a great beachcomber. These included stones and shells - and a rusty bit of metal.
4) I also bought a sticky label with the name of each place on, to put on the five, small suitcases I had been gathering over the winter, to keep my collections in.
Finding the objects was fun to do until day three, when I was struck down with a tummy bug. I had to keep going as we were only booked into each resort for a day.  Walking past  fish and chip shops did make my stomach heave, however.

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