Friday, 16 September 2016

After I'm Gone

I had four visitors last Sunday who came to Ted Coney's Family Portraits in response to my recent article in the Cantabs. newsletter. (you can read it in my website on the NEWS AND REVIEWS page)
One of them asked me a really good question at the end of their tour. They remarked on how interesting  my ideas were, to make the paintings.
Their questioned however , how  people would  know what these ideas were, after I had died?
Ofcourse, the lucky ones who had bought Tour Guides (50p each or £3 for all eight) will have most of the answers, but I also offered another point of view.
If people still enjoy my paintings in the years to come then it will be a bonus and I don't really mind what interpretation they put upon them.
A good example might be my painting 'Another Year' (which you can see on my PRINTS FOR SALE page). For me it is about the death of two female members of my family and the birth, a year later of two others. Though it  could  merely be seen as dawn and dusk falling on Ely Cathedral. 

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