Friday, 9 December 2016

Another Country

Hazel and I managed to get the Christmas tree set up in time, even though the pot it was standing  up in, leaked and the lights didn't all work.
I had advertised my last  Ted Coney's Family Portraits tour as having a seasonal theme and showed my paintings 'A Christmas Carol' and 'Limners' (about the 37 days of Christmas) as part of the visit. I also made sure that the dolls house lights were switched on, to demonstrate that it was  Christmas in there, too.
However, I knew that among todays guests were some film buffs, so I decided to include in my tour,  paintings which were influenced by two foreign films I had seen recently.
'Bicycle Thieves' was a film made about Italy just after the second World War when everyone was starving and the theft of the bicycle was a symbol for their depravation.
'Rashomon' was a Japanese film depicting four people recalling the same events but from very different viewpoints. My painting 'The Rashomon Effect' does the same sort of thing while looking into various rooms in the dolls house.
Luckily, I had mugged up on both stories before my visitors arrived, as I had mistakenly thought  the first film was made in Poland and the second in India.
I can relax now until I reopen next April.

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