Thursday, 12 April 2018

TED Talk

My  chats about the paintings in the Babylon  Gallery during our recent 'Art Opposites' exhibition, were billed as TED Talks.
On each of the three weeks I did them, I managed to gather about ten people to talk to.
On the last day an ex student of mine from twenty years ago turned up with his mother. They had come on the bus from Cambridge in the pouring rain, which was jolly nice of them.
He insisted on buying all eight tour guides (I did give him a discount) and got me to sign one of them.
His mum really liked my painting 'Against The Light' (which you can view on my MEDIA page) and was intrigued by the way I had made the coloured shadow puppets first.
They promised to return when Ted Coney's Family Portraits reopens at the end of the month.
I will probably give them my 'Puppets and Dolls' tour.

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