Friday, 11 May 2018

Full of Surprises

Ted Coney's Family Portraits kicked off the new season  with a different sort a tour .
I was approached by Ely Gin Company to be part of their  'away day' and subsequently we had a visit from twelve staff.
I gave the usual introduction, looking at one painting  but then they wanted something a bit different.
Each member of staff had collected one object to do with afternoon tea and their task was to draw it somewhere in the house.
Hazel and I acted as art tutors and at the end we had to judge who had made the best drawing. The lucky winner received a giant teacup!
After visiting us, the group were going out for afternoon tea where a new gin would be launched  called appropriately 'Afternoon Tea'
However, I had one more surprise of my own before they left.
I showed them my painting 'Tea For 222' in which I demonstrated that if they looked hard enough, afternoon tea could be full of surprises. The painting shows two aunts symbolised in old age by an image of afternoon tea. A closer look revealed what exciting lives they had lead during the second world war.
You can see the picture when you next visit.

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