Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Goodbye Mr.Turnip

I've just done my last tour of the season for Ted Coney's Family Portraits ( opening again in  spring 2019).
I had a group of seven visitors and they seemed very interested and asked lots of questions.
I  selected 'Diamonds' as one of the paintings to talk about and they were particularly intrigued that I had used a puppet 'Mr Turnip' in the picture, to represent my childhood .
Mr Turnip used to appear on 1950s children's television and I was so fascinated  that I collected  images of him  in a scrapbook.
In 1987  I decided to use Turnip in a painting about  the house my parents had lived in for sixty years and were about to leave.
I  tracked down the woman (Joy Laurey) who had made  and animated Turnip on TV all those years ago and she consented to me having a replica made. 
You can see the replica on my Facebook page and the painting (and preliminary drawings) on the PRINTS FOR SALE section of my website.         

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