Wednesday, 21 August 2019

The Show Must Go On

How I hate technology!
 I've just done my art lecture 'On The Edge'   to a group and always feel nervous when getting it ready.
I put the digital projector on and minutes later it had stopped working . I kept calm, switched  everything off and started again.
I then plugged in the sound system and to my horror it didn't work. I turned all four dials every way I could and continued doing this for some time. I then realised I had plugged the other end into the wrong socket on the laptop and changed it over without thinking.
The four ladies standing close bye were nearly blasting out of the room, the volume was so intense. Luckily, I was ready by the time the audience  arrived and all went smoothly.
If you want to book my lecture for your group (you can see details on the ART LECTURES webpage) just understand I need to arrive an hour before it starts.

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