Friday, 6 September 2019

Merz Barn

Not many artists would create their work  in such a permanent way so that their property would have to be dismantled when the sculpture was removed.
We've just visited the Merz Barn in Cumbria to see the work of Kurt Schwitters and this happened to his last sculptural piece.
We never saw the real art work (it's now housed at Newcastle University) only a large reproduction displayed on the replacement wall of the old barn.
There is also a fascinating display of photographs showing how the wall plus artwork was removed.  After Schwitters died, the barn was left to the elements for 20 years until  artist Richard Hamilton was able to mount a rescue operation in the 1960s.
Kurt Schwitters with his links to the DaDa movement is acknowledged to have been a strong influence on Pop, Installation and Performance Art, so this rare piece was worth saving.

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