Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Here Comes Muffin

I did my last tour of the season  of my pop-up gallery the other weekend.
By special request I concentrated on two paintings where I had used the TV puppet, Muffin the Mule to represent  family members. As well as  the paintings I also showed  models, photographs, drawings and cultural references that I had used to inspire me.
'David's Journey' (you can see it on the PRINTS FOR SALE 'page on the website) was a picture about my brother being fifty and I used Muffin to represent him as he was an icon of the 1940s when David was born.
In 'Love That Dares' (can be viewed on the DISABLED VISITORS page) I  used Muffin and his friends in a very different way. Working on Darwin's theory that all animals (including humans) want to be the same as the rest of their species, I have tried to show what it is like to be different.

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