Friday, 24 July 2020

Same Difference

I've started work on my new canvas 'Eggheads', after experimenting on smaller, preliminary studies for several months.
After laying on a grey background, I've started painting the clown's faces to show myself,  two brothers and our children and grandchildren.
Using three distinct types of clown -  Whiteface,  Character and  Auguste to represent us,  I've painted each generation the same, to denote the different families.
At the moment,  the faces are all in monochrome but will paint over the top in transparent colour later, so that every member of the family looks slightly different.
Sounds complicated? Trying to get all the faces in each strand of the family to look the same was difficult. Wait until I start the next stage
p.s. You'll be able to see the painting's progress when my improved website comes on stream later in the summer.

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