Friday, 18 September 2020

Like Show Business

 I witnessed the enactment of John Martin's theatrical display of his work, at Tate Britain in 2011.

All the lights were put out and then dramatically switched on again to show some of his blockbuster paintings just as they were displayed in the 19th century.

 I've been reading his catalogue again recently and realised that this presentation may have influenced  the use of lighting on my tours (when the pandemic allows me to do them again) This works particularly well when visitors enter one of the rooms in complete darkness except for the lighting in the dolls house and puppet theatre. Once the room lights are switched on, you see the paintings which were inspired by them.

In my Virtual Tour (available from my for 99p, with all proceeds going to the NHS Charities Together appeal) I fly back in time to 1930s Hollywood in my 1931 Morris Minor to discuss one of my paintings.

And  you can't get more theatrical than that!

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